Kenny Gray likes to make things. Coming from a musical family, he grew up around instruments and eventually started writing his own music in his early teen years. During this same time he began to perform in the vibrant local musical theatre scene. His life would soon become a constant back and forth between the the two. Throughout his teenage and college years, Gray performed and recorded with his rock band "Tom Flash", creating a large library of music and releases. At the same time, Kenny was hired by The Derryfield Repertory theatre where he was a performer and composer over the summers. Once Tom Flash disbanded though, he dove into the blossoming electronic scene, eventually going on to DJ all over the east coast, as well as creating a number of original electronic tracks and remixes. Concurrently, Gray began studying and performing improv both at college and around the Boston area. Following his graduation from Northeastern University, he revived "Tom Flash" to record new music, but eventually chose to end the project in pursuit of something that embraced both his rock and electronic side. He also continued his improv training, studying both at ImprovBoston, and at the UCB Theatre in NYC. 

Currently, Kenny has a solo electronic rock project called Ian Aware, and has released a number of originals and remixes under that name. On the comedy side of things, Gray is now a resident cast member at ImprovBoston, and is a writer/performer for The Boston Sketch Company. He is deeply passionate about the arts, and is always looking for a new project to sink his teeth into.