It's Fun to Make Things


Multi-talented artist with a business degree. Let me sell you something creative. 

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Musician & Writer

Born into the wild woods of New Hampshire, I began my creative career seeing "what would happen" if you put a popsicle in the oven. I then proceeded to play very loud music in dimly lit rooms for many years, only to then do the same with improv comedy. Growing up around silver haired ex-rockers who complained about "getting ripped off", I also got a business degree in Boston, the crown jewel of New England. I eventually discovered that as a copywriter I could solve business problems with art. After a summer in the ad biz, the dichotomy of my artistic vagabond lifestyle and expensive degree finally made some sense.  Whatever the context though, I love to dream up creative and ideas and bring them to life. My mom thinks I'm very good at it.

"Always put relevant links and info below a playfully worded bio" - Kenneth Gray


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